06 Apr 2011

Mmm… cheesecake…

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After being busy the last few months with client work and design for other sites, I finally have a new design up for scoring at Threadless!


“Mmm… cheesecake…” is a depiction of two of my all-time favorite foods rolled into one, and needs YOUR votes and comments to get it printed! In appreciation of everyone who takes the time to respond to my designs, I’m also giving away a FREE SHIRT to one person who votes and comments on it at Threadless.

And if it is chosen for print, 5 more commenters will win a copy of this very shirt! Every person who clicks “I’d buy it” considerably increases its chances of being printed, so be sure to spread the word so that I can give away more shirts!

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01 Apr 2011

Final “Blaster” winners, and the answer sheet

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After 2 great weeks, the contest draws to a close today with the announcement of 5 sticker winners from Twitter, 5 sticker winners from Tumblr, and the grand prize free shirt winner!


5 Twitter Sticker Winners: @TRMirKat, @tommydraper, @kumako08, @Shane_For_Wax, @ZneEvns
5 Tumblr Sticker Winners: rivetheart, allnotlost, lastweek-monday, holyfireman, jhaus

Thanks to everyone who participated, and congrats to the winners! For those who didn’t win, the shirts and stickers are both available for sale in my own shop. And for anyone who enjoys contests and the possibility of winning cool stuff, be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. I have several designs coming out in the next month, and will most likely be having contests and giveaways for each of them so there are lots of opportunities to win!


Also, for everyone who was curious about the answers to the challenge of which guns are used in this design, I’ve created an answer key listing each weapon and which movie or TV show it came from.



Thanks again to everyone who sent in guesses or helped spread the word!

23 Mar 2011

“Blaster” – Daily winners!

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Each day I’ll update this list with the new daily sticker winner, so be sure to check back often!
Thur, Mar 17: Anna K.
Fri, Mar 18: Dave C.
Sat, Mar 19: Nathan C.
Sun, Mar 20: Bryan W.
Mon, Mar 21: Jason E.
Tue, Mar 22: Owen D.
Wed, Mar 23: Kelsey O.
Thu, Mar 24: Trevor R.
Fri, Mar 25: Joe B.
Sat, Mar 26: Chuck C.
Sun, Mar 27: Valerie V.
Mon, Mar 28: Alex F.
Tue, Mar 29: Marc E.
Wed, Mar 30: Michael D.


I’ll continue to update this post with daily winners, leading up to the free shirt winner on March 31st, so if you haven’t entered already what are you waiting for? All of the details, as well as an entry form are on my previous blog post: ‘No Match for a Good Blaster – Except Maybe a Giveaway’.

You can also win by participating on Twitter or Tumblr! On tumblr, just follow me and reblog my “Blaster” post, or follow me on Twitter and post this message: 26 famous Sci-Fi guns on one shirt – how many can you name? Win goodies from artist @ianleino, details here: http://bit.ly/26Blasters

I’ll pick 5 lucky participants from Twitter and 5 from Tumblr to also get a free sticker, which will be announced on March 31st, along with the t-shirt winner!


And of course for anyone looking to purchase the stickers or t-shirt, both are available in my shop.


19 Mar 2011

Blaster giveaway – first 10 winners

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There have been lots of entries for the “No match for a good blaster” giveaway, and I’ve just sent congratulatory emails to the first 10 people who named all 26 guns correctly!  Two of the winning emails came in super close together, so there are actually 11 winners instead of 10. Since I don’t want to list their emails of full names, I’ll just post their alias or first name an last initial here:

Initial Winners:

grubsham, Phil L, Michael G, Randall L, Igor N, Levente V, Andrew B, Gabor S, Chad C, Moose1942, Angela B


But that doesn’t mean that the contest is over! I’ll be choosing one additional sticker winner every day for two weeks, and will also be giving out a free shirt on March 31st. Anyone who sends in an entry with at least 5 answers correct will be entered to win!  Any entries already submitted are already entered for these contests as well.

And of course you can find both the shirts and stickers for sale through my own shop!

14 Mar 2011

No Match for a Good Blaster – except maybe a giveaway!

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I have a new t-shirt design that I’ve been working on for quite awhile, and this time it’s debuting in my very own shop!


Inspired by the classic Han Solo quote “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.” this design collects famous guns, blasters, disintigrators, rayguns and pulse pistols from 26 different movies and television shows (with a limit of just one weapon per franchise). Several of these created universes have a wealth of awesome weaponry so I’ve done my best to choose what I felt was the most iconic single weapon from each one.


“No Match for a Good Blaster” is printed on 100% fine jersey cotton American Apparel t-shirts in both guys and girls sizes from Small to 2XL, and available only in my shop! I’ve also had it printed as a 5″x3″ vinyl sticker.



Now here’s the fun part! To celebrate this new design I’ll be giving away a FREE shirt, as well as LOTS of stickers. To enter, just email me a list of the movie or show that each weapon comes from. The first 10 people who get all 26 correct will win a free sticker! After the first 10 winners, I’ll pick one more winner every day for TWO WEEKS, for a total of 24 sticker winners. Also, everyone who enters will be eligible to win a free shirt which I’ll give away on March 31st.


You can also win by participating on Twitter or Tumblr! On tumblr, just follow me and reblog my “Blaster” post, or follow me on Twitter and post this message: 26 famous Sci-Fi guns on one shirt – how many can you name? Win goodies from artist @ianleino, details here: http://bit.ly/26Blasters



All together, there were more than 25 winners, and I sent stickers all over the US, as well as to Canada, Australia, Serbia, Russia and Germany! You can see the full list in this blog post. Thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations to all of the winners!

22 Feb 2011

Fail Whale Pale Ale

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Twitterers and beer aficionados, the day has come! Starting at midnight, my newest design “Fail Whale Pale Ale” is just $10 at Teefuy.com but only for 24 hours! For those who prefer a softer shirt, or who miss it at TeeFury, it will be available through my own shop, hand-screened on American Apparel shirts.

After so many people enjoyed the scratchboard look of my LOST “Polar Beer” shirt, I’ve been looking for another good subject for a new faux beer label created in that same style. I thought the Twitter ‘Fail Whale’ would be a perfect match for a more realistic, nautically themed illustration, and hope that you enjoy it!

In addition to the shirts that are available at TeeFury and in my own shop, I’ve also created a vector version of the design, and had it printed on both pint glasses and can koozies. And today only, in celebration of being printed again at TeeFury, you can use code “FailWhale15” for 15% off your total order in my shop!

Once again, in conjunction with the TeeFury print, I’m running a giveaway for some “Fail Whale Pale Ale” goodies with an opportunity to win through Facebook, Twitter and for the first time, Tumblr.

Here’s how to enter:

Facebook:“Like” my Facebook page, and leave a comment on the “Fail Whale” post, or share a link on your own Facebook page

Twitter: Follow me on Twitter, and post this message: “Twitterers and beer lovers! Win ‘Fail Whale Pale Ale’ goodies from today’s artist at teefury.com! Just follow @ianleino and RT this msg.”

Tumblr: Follow me on Tumblr and repost my “Fail Whale” post

At least one winner from each will win a free “Fail Whale” pint glass, and 4 more will receive a “Fail Whale” can koozie for a total of at least 15 winners!

And for anyone who is interested in the creative process for this design, here’s a little insight into how I created it.

This was my initial concept sketch that I used as a basis for the full design.

Based on the preliminary sketch and photo references, I created a more realistic, though still stylized whale illustration.

I created the rope outline and type elements in Illustrator

Then combined those elements with my pencil sketch to create the final sketch that I would then transfer to scratchboard.

I start by scratching in the full layout for positioning, then slowly adding in details, building up to the lightest areas.

More scratchboard work, finishing the whale and birds

Final scratchboard illustration, including the waves, text and rope

Digitized, then colored in Photoshop, based on the colors used in the official Twitter "Fail Whale"

So there it is: 15-20 hours of work condensed into about 20 seconds. Thanks for taking the time to check it out!

07 Feb 2011

Nathan Fillion – 1000% awesome

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Last week I sent one of my “Serenity Sake” shirts to Nathan Fillion (Captain Mal Reynolds himself) as a fun way to show my appreciation for all of enjoyment I’ve received from the amazing characters he’s portrayed over the years – from Firefly to Dr. Horrible and many others.

I was then absolutely stunned when he sent out a Twitter message with a compliment on my work and a photo of the shirt:

@NathanFillion: Mr. @ianleino, you have your Captain’s gratitude. Nice design work, sir. As you were. http://yfrog.com/h0mmpjej

This has absolutely made my day/week/millennium, and if anyone needs to find me they should look atop the big cloud of euphoria that has settled over my desk.

Mr. Fillion, you are both a gentleman and a scholar, and I am humbled by your wit and charm. Thank you.

23 Jan 2011

Let’s do the “Time Warp” again!

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For just 24hours starting at midnight, my latest design “Time Warp” will be for sale at TeeFury for just $9!

It seems to me that if the ability to travel through time is ever achieved then obviously everyone with the ability to time travel would all congregate in one place and throw the most amazing party in the history of the universe. The theme dance would of course be the “Time Warp” from Rocky Horror, and these fine characters have been kind enough to illustrate the dance steps for anyone who may have forgotten them but still wants to join in.

To celebrate it’s one day at TeeFury, I’m also running a giveaway through both Facebook and Twitter, and offering up a 15% off coupon for my store. Here are all the details:

Facebook: Become a fan on my page, and leave a comment on the “Time Warp” post.

Twitter: Follow me on Twitter, and tweet this message: Famous time-travelers dancing the ‘Time Warp’! A new @ianleino design just $9 today only at http://teefury.com

And through my own shop, use code “FluxCapacitor” for 15% off your entire order, today only! After its one day at TeeFury, this design will also be available through my own shop, hand-screened on American Apparel 100% fine jersey cotton shirts for a super soft feel and a great fit.

20 Jan 2011

Decisions, Decisions

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I have a new design that just went up for scoring at Threadless! “Decisions, Decisions” combines pirates, Apple products, puns, and the overwhelming nature of shopping in today’s product-glutted consumer culture. It was a great excuse to do a classically styled drawing with a nib pen, and I’m excited about how the final design came out.

So hoist anchor and get thee to Threadless. As always, I’ll be giving away a free shirt to 5 lucky commentors if this prints, so be sure to give it a vote and comment to enter. If you a member on Emptees, you can also show it some love over there. Thanks!

Decisions, Decisions - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

15 Dec 2010

1000th Order – FREE!

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When I began my shop in January, I was just hoping to sell enough to at least cover the printing costs for my first run of “Polar Beer” shirts. When those turned out to be a surprise hit, I slowly started adding other t-shirt designs and branching out into other items like pint glasses (for those who enjoy a design but already have enough t-shirts).

As the year is drawing to a close, I’ve taken a little time to look back through the order history on my site, and realized that I’ve filled over 980 orders already this year! In appreciation for everyone’s help and support in getting my shop up and running, I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway where whoever places the 1000th order will get it completely FREE!

Order have been streaming in over the past few weeks, so it could happen any time now! Place your order soon, and you might be the lucky 1000th order!


We have a winner!! Lisa from Vero Beach, FL was the 1000th customer through my shop, and just got her entire order FREE! Congratulations Lisa, and thanks to everyone who’s helped make this year such a success!