Graphic Design and Illustration by Ian Leino Graphic Design and Illustration by Ian Leino
Nathan Fillion – 1000% awesome

Last week I sent one of my “Serenity Sake” shirts to Nathan Fillion (Captain Mal Reynolds himself) as a fun way to show my appreciation for all of enjoyment I’ve received from the amazing characters he’s portrayed over the years – from Firefly to Dr. Horrible and many others.

I was then absolutely stunned when he sent out a Twitter message with a compliment on my work and a photo of the shirt:

@NathanFillion: Mr. @ianleino, you have your Captain’s gratitude. Nice design work, sir. As you were.

This has absolutely made my day/week/millennium, and if anyone needs to find me they should look atop the big cloud of euphoria that has settled over my desk.

Mr. Fillion, you are both a gentleman and a scholar, and I am humbled by your wit and charm. Thank you.

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