LOST Polar Beer shirt design for sale

Printed Shirts

I receive emails quite often asking about my t-shirt designs, and where they are available for sale, so I thought it would be a good idea to collect all of my printed shirts in one place, along with links to where you can buy them.

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Green Day - Red Stars shirt design for sale

Client Shirts

In addition to my own personal t-shirt designs, I also create work for a number of clients, primarily in the music industry. See a sampling of some of my previous work here.

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Brick by Brick shirt design for sale

Available Designs

And I also have quite a few designs that are still available for purchase or licensing opportunities for apparel or other goods, in a wide variety of styles.

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I recently completed work on a branding project for Chestnut, a new American-style restaurant in Asheville, NC with a decidedly vintage aesthetic and charm. In addition to the fun of the actual project, it was also exciting to have my name on the building during the process.    

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Gianni Panini

For Gianni Panini, a local artisan sandwich shop looking to build a franchise base, I was tasked with creating not only a visual identity, but also a ‘voice’ for the restaurant, epitomized in the fictitious Gianni, which I did with the writing assistance of Josiah Bancroft.      

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Worship Tools

Each “Worship Tools” release provides in-depth musical instructions and lessons for playing a set of songs, typically from a newly released album by a popular artist.

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Music Release Pages

Before new CDs, DVDs and other entertainment projects are released, a book goes out to retailers all over the country letting them know about upcoming releases so that

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7 Essential

For this project, Integrity was re-releasing collections of some of their biggest hit songs, specifically aimed at iTunes customers. The covers were to be appealing at standard print sizes but also legible and compelling at the small size of iTunes icons.

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Songbook Design

Over the past years, I’ve created a number of songbook cover designs for Integrity Media, one of the largest

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Black Eyed Peas Calendar

For this calendar project for the Black Eyed Peas, I wanted to create something that harnessed their frenetic energy, but also balanced with the clean lines and organic look of their logo.

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KISS Calendars

I had the great pleasure of creating the official KISS calendars in both 2008 and 2009. Both of these were a blast to work on, and it was also exciting to see them for sale in lots of retail locations.

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Badin Triathlon

When Setup Events took over the Badin Triathlon, they wanted to create a new logo and brand for the event and contacted me to help them realize a new look that more neatly tied to both the area’s heritage and natural beauty.

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