04 Aug 2010

Worship Tools

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Client: Integrity Music
Artist: Various
Project:Worship Tools Cover Designs
Media used: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

For the past couple of years, I’ve been in charge of designing covers for the “Worship Tools” line of releases from Integrity Music.  Each “Worship Tools” release provides in-depth musical instructions and lessons for playing a set of songs, typically from a newly released album by a popular artist on the Integrity label. Features include lyrics, chord charts and lead sheets, as well as video showing you how to perform each song on guitar, bass, drums and keyboard.

This product line had been in production for several years before I took over on design, and had built up to a very complex and busy look. This is an example of the previous look that I inherited.

When I was assigned this project, I was asked to keep the inherent feel of the line, but to pare it down to a simpler style with emphasis on the artist photos. Here are a couple of the covers I created during this transition period. Each one involved taking a single photo of the band, and reformatting it to fit the the vertical aspect of the cover.

For the cover for Desperation Band, I drew inspiration from magazines such as Men’s Life and similar publications, using black and white photography and a simple, bold color scheme to draw the viewers’ eye.

Worth Dying For is a very fashion-conscious band, so for their cover, I came up with the idea of making it look like they had all been clipped from different magazine photoshoots. From a single photo of the band I extracted each member, reprocessed the color profile for each one individually, then composited them together along with a crinkled paper look to make it seem they were clipped from multiple magazines.

Later we pared it down even further by removing the blocky background elements and establishing more of a magazine cover look for each issue.

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