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The Most Dangerous Animal in the World – process blog

One of my designs that’s caused the most curiosity is “The Most Dangerous Animal in the World“, as I used linocut process to create the design – an art form that’s not terribly prevalent in the t-shirt design community. Specifically for this design, I’m working with with a linocut process that involves carving out an [...]

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Tutorial / Process blogs

I have a bad habit of coming up with ideas, maybe even doing some sketching, but never finishing them. That’s why I’ve decided to challenge myself to go through my idea list and sketchpad, pick things that felt promising, and actually work on one design at a time until it’s complete. It’s been going well [...]

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3rd Annual SausageFest – 2010

SausageFest is an annual party (now in its 3rd year) that my wife and I throw at the end of summer for all of our friends as well as some of my local design clients and vendors. And to answer your question: yes, we do allow girls to come too. This year’s festivities included 20 [...]

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