17 Sep 2012

TWO designs at TeeFury

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Starting at 12:01 on Tuesday September 18th, and running for only 24 hours, not just one but TWO of my designs will be for sale through TeeFury.com! This is part of the new TWOfury promotion that they run once a week where two designs battle in out for supremacy. I really enjoyed creating both of these designs and they’re so totally different that I’m really interested to see which one comes out on top.

After their day at TeeFury, both designs will be for sale through my own shop, screenprinted locally in Asheville NC on American Apparel shirts.

The Holy Hand Grenade

Based on that linchpin of geek culture, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, this design features the Holy Hand Grenade, drawn in a classic tattoo style, and surrounded by a banner bearing a faux-Biblical quote from the film.




The Portal games are some of my all-time favorite video games. A cool game mechanic, awesome problem solving and arguably the best video game dialog and scripting EVER, all rolled up into one amazingly fun experience. If you haven’t played them yet, I can’t recommend them enough. This design was a chance to have fun with the iconography of the game while also relating modern video games to historical ideas of play.

To celebrate the release of these two designs, I’ll also be giving away at least 5 shirts from my shop, to those people who help spread the word about my designs! All you have to do to enter is to participate through one or more of the methods below.

1. FACEBOOK: ‘Like’ Ian’s page on Facebook

2. TWITTER: Follow @ianleino, and tweet this: Two new #geek t-shirts by @ianleino are just $10 each today at http://teefury.com ! Follow him and RT for a chance to win!

3. TUMBLR: Follow Ian and reblog his post about today’s shirts!

BONUS CREDIT: participate on more than one site to increase you chances of winning!

Thanks for reading, and good luck!

23 Jul 2012

The Bearshevik Revolution

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Research is the foundational aspect of many of my designs, and this was no exception. I spent time looking into vintage Communist propaganda posters, soviet type styles, bear anatomy and historic eastern European peasant apparel.

Based on that I worked up a composition that I felt was authentic to the style I was emulating while still presenting the concept in a clear, easily discernable way.

From here I built up the painterly look you can see in this closeup

This was quite a challenge for me, as I couldn’t blend between colors since I was keeping each color on a separate layer so that it would be easy to separate and screenprint. You can see the addition of each separate color in the animated gif below.


So there’s a quick insight into the process behind this design! Hope you’ve enjoyed it.

T-shirts are now for sale at Threadless.com

Art prints and canvasses are for sale at Society6.com

To keep up with all of my latest design news as well as contests, giveaways and more, follow me on Facebook.

20 Jun 2012

Shred or Die

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My newest design is being released at 12:01 am, Thursday June 21st at TeeFury.com! It’s a skateboarding themed design of the classic TMNT villain Shredder, illustrated in a retro graffiti style and it will be just $10 but only for 24 hours. (afterward it will be for sale through my own shop, printed on American Apparel tri-blend shirts).



To celebrate the print, I’m also sponsoring a giveaway and a sale through my own shop. Thursday only, use the coupon code “ShredOrDie” for 10% off your total order in my shop , or you could win a FREE shirt by participating in my giveaway through one or more of these sites:

1. Facebook: Like My Facebook page and ‘share’ the “Shred or Die” post

2. Twitter: Follow Me on Twitter (@ianleino) the post this msg: “Shred or Die” by @ianleino  is just $10, today only at http://teefury.com! #turtlepower

3. Tumblr: Follow Me on Tumblr and repost his “Shred or Die” post


Thanks for reading, and good luck to everyone who participates in the giveaways!

30 Mar 2012

Serenity Sake at RIPTapparel

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One of my most enduringly popular designs is the “Serenity Sake” illustration I created based off of the cult classic sci-ci show “Firefly” (one of my all-time favorite TV shows) and classic sake label designs, and in awesome news, it’s being reprinted at RIPTapparel.com starting at midnight tonight! T-Shirts are just $10 (hoodies and kids shirts are available as well) but only for 24 hours!

Sake Cups

In celebration of this new printing, I’m also re-releasing the sought after “Serenity Sake” sake cups! These 1.5oz ceramic cups are screen-printed with the Serenity Sake illustration, and are available for $12.50 a pair through my shop, and ship to anywhere in the world!


During the 24 hours that “Serenity Sake” is for sale at RIPTapparel.com on March 30 – you could WIN a sake cup for free! Just participate in one or more of these ways:

Facebook: Follow me and ‘share’ the “Serenity Sake” post at the top of the page

Twitter: Follow me and tweet this message: Browncoats! Get your “Serenity Sake” shirt by @ianleino for just $10 today only at http://riptapparel.com ! #firefly #serenity

Tumblr: Follow me and reblog my “Serenity Sake” post

One More Thing

And finally, for those who prefer the silver version of this design, you can find that (screen-printed on American Apparel shirts) available for sale though my own shop as well.








26 Mar 2012

Code of Arms – now on posters!

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“Code of Arms” was my best-selling Woot shirt yet, but after a 10-week run, it finally fell out of the reckoning about a month ago.

HOWEVER, it was so popular that Woot has brought it back as a 16″x20″ poster in their week-long “Looks Good on Paper” promotion that includes cards, mini prints and posters. It’s just $15 with free shipping through this link, but only until Sunday at midnight.

And for those who missed the shirt when it was at Woot, I managed to get a few extra, and have them for sale now through my own shop. Once those are sold out, they’re gone forever, so don’t delay or your could miss out!

09 Feb 2012

Heroes & Villains – PreOrder contest

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I’ve just released not one but TWO new designs in my shop,  both based on the astounding array of amazing weapons in comic books. Both designs are available on American Apparel shirts in guys and girls sizes, as well as printed on high-quality vinyl stickers.

Decide if you stand with the bold heroes who strive for justice and truth or with the villains who seek to reshape the world according to the own ideals. Or perhaps it’s a day-to-day decision, (in which case you may need both shirts)  If so, just add both shirts to your cart, then use coupon code “SHAZAM” on checkout for $5 off your order!

In addition: from now through Monday, Feb 20th, I’ll be tracking pre-order sales for both my new “Heroes” and “Villains” designs.

Whichever side sells more during pre-order shall be declared the SUPREME RULERS OF THE UNIVERSE and everyone who pre-ordered the winning shirt will ALSO receive a rare Golden Ticket worth $5, $10, $20 or even $50 in credit to my shop!

You can follow along with which side is winning using this constantly updated chart on my “Contests and Giveaways” page.

I have quite a few more designs that will be released soon through my shop and other websites, so to keep up with all of the latest information (as well as more fun contests and giveaways) you may want to follow me on Facebook.

10 Jan 2012

The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch

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What better way to prepare for the dreaded Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog than to protect your tender flesh with the only weapon known to stand against it? Show your fealty to Arthur and your unflinching bravery in the face of almost certain death with this “Holy Hand Grenade” t-shirt, just $11 for 72 hours (Jan 11-13) at TheYetee.com!



American Apparel shirts in an alternate silver color scheme, as well as temporary tattoos are  available from my own shop.

You can also WIN a free temporary tattoo, just help spread the word about this design through your favorite social media site. Here are the details:

Twitter: Follow me and tweet this msg - #MontyPython fans, check out the “Holy Hand Grenade” shirt by @ianleino – just $11 at http://theyetee.com Tattoos here: http://bit.ly/aXqsXj

 Facebook: ’Like’ my fan page and ‘share’ the “Holy Hand Grenade” photo

Tumblr: Follow me on tumblr and reblog the “Holy Hand Grenade” post

Google+: Follow me and ‘share’ the “Holy Hand Grenade” post


I’ll choose 20 winners, and announce them Monday, Jan 16th. Good luck!





30 Dec 2011

2011 – the year in review

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What a year!

With the holiday festivities behind us, and only a few days separating us from the New Year, I thought it would be fun to take a quick look back at 2011.

9 new designs in my shop

It’s certainly been a busy year, and in addition to a wide range of client work, I’ve also been able to add nine new designs to my personal shop! For those who are looking for these designs on alternate shirt colors, or as art prints or iPhone cases, I’ve also made them available through RedBubble.com

Contests & Giveaways

Every time that one of my designs is printed (and plenty of other times throughout the year) I have a giveaway through a variety of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. In the past year, I’ve given away 38 t-shirts and more than 200 other prizes including pint glasses, stickers, pins, cards and other fun stuff! To get in on the fun for next year, be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Google+.

Media mentions

Speaking of my shop, it’s been a great and busy year, thanks in large part to a wave of publicity from a variety of sites and sources. Among the more notable were “Choose Your Weapon” making the front page of Reddit and IGN.com, “He’s Dead, Jim” being featured on BoingBoing.net, “Doctor Whoville” showing up on USAToday.com, and my entire shop being profiled on G4TV’s “Attack of the Show”!

Other T-Shirt Sites


This year, Threadless printed 3 new designs of mine – “Tyger Tyger, Burning Bright”, “Watercolor Waterguns”, and “World’s Greatest Exaggerator”. In addition, five of my older designs have been reprinted as well! A number of them are already sold out, but you can always find all of my Threadless shirts that are in stock by using this link: Ian Leino shirts at Threadless


In 2011, TeeFury printed 8 of my pop-culture based designs, and through the support of my friends and fans, I’ve clawed my way back to the #1 position in their best-selling artist list!


Two of my designs have been printed at Woot this year, and have done better than any of my previous prints there. “Metrognome” hung around on the charts for several weeks in the spring, and now my latest design “Code of Arms” has proven to be my most popular Woot shirt ever! Please spread the word and help it stay on the charts!


Client designs

It’s been a busy year for client work as well, and in 2011 I created designs for the Hard Rock Cafe, as well as for musicians including James Taylor, Bob Seger, Stevie Nicks, Rascal Flatts and KISS.

More to come in 2012

I already have three designs scheduled to print in the new year, and a huge list of fun ideas that I can’t wait to start working on! To keep up with all of my latest design news (as well as contests, giveaways and other fun) be sure to follow me on your favorite social media site: FacebookTwitterTumblr or Google+.

09 Nov 2011

Doctor Whoville

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“Doctor Whoville”: $20 t-shirts at shop.ianleino.com

Every Doctoring Who down in Whoville
Toasts your survival and the revival of goodwill.
Even Oods and Judoons and Daleks confess
Today is a day to say, “Exterminate!” less.

It’s the season of hearts, big and deep as the Tardis,
To make room for any who, any how, regardless!
For faces and spaces may change with the season,
But peace on Earth is a wish for every dimension.

(WHO-liday poem by the incredibly talented Josiah Bancroft)


I don’t know about you, but I was never a big fan of doctors as a child. I never saw one unless I was already feeling poorly, and then once I went, the fun activities in all of the ‘Highlights’ magazines in their offices had already been completed.

However, there were two that always held a magical sway over me: Doctor Who and Dr. Seuss. Both spun up my imagination in new and exciting ways, introducing me to a dizzying array of new ideas and dramatically extending the borders of the realm of possibility.

Somehow it felt only natural to pay homage to both by combining them into this one design.

T-shirts are available in my shop, printed on American Apparel 100% soft jersey cotton tees. And given the holiday feel of the design, I’ve also printed up 5″x7″ greeting cards which are available in a 4-pack or a 12-pack. The front features the main illustration, plus a “Happy WHO-lidays” greeting, while the inside contains the poem above.

Thanks for looking, and Happy WHO-lidays!

14 Oct 2011

The Panini Factory

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The Panini Factory is the parent corporation for Gianni Panini and several other food industry businesses and needed a logo that felt solid and established, while still possessing an invitational warmth.