09 Feb 2012

Heroes & Villains – PreOrder contest

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I’ve just released not one but TWO new designs in my shop,  both based on the astounding array of amazing weapons in comic books. Both designs are available on American Apparel shirts in guys and girls sizes, as well as printed on high-quality vinyl stickers.

Decide if you stand with the bold heroes who strive for justice and truth or with the villains who seek to reshape the world according to the own ideals. Or perhaps it’s a day-to-day decision, (in which case you may need both shirts)  If so, just add both shirts to your cart, then use coupon code “SHAZAM” on checkout for $5 off your order!

In addition: from now through Monday, Feb 20th, I’ll be tracking pre-order sales for both my new “Heroes” and “Villains” designs.

Whichever side sells more during pre-order shall be declared the SUPREME RULERS OF THE UNIVERSE and everyone who pre-ordered the winning shirt will ALSO receive a rare Golden Ticket worth $5, $10, $20 or even $50 in credit to my shop!

You can follow along with which side is winning using this constantly updated chart on my “Contests and Giveaways” page.

I have quite a few more designs that will be released soon through my shop and other websites, so to keep up with all of the latest information (as well as more fun contests and giveaways) you may want to follow me on Facebook.

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