01 Sep 2010

3rd Annual SausageFest – 2010

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I relished the meat at SausageFest 2010

SausageFest is an annual party (now in its 3rd year) that my wife and I throw at the end of summer for all of our friends as well as some of my local design clients and vendors. And to answer your question: yes, we do allow girls to come too.

This year’s festivities included 20 lbs of bratwurst from a local organic farm, a full keg of craft brewed Kolsch beer and a variety of summer games from bocce to volleyball, as well as possibly the 2nd worst game of barefoot basketball ever played (you should have seen last year.)

Previous years’ shirts have been such a smash hit that lots of people have asked about them after the event, and several of our friends have even had strangers attempt to buy the shirts right off their backs!

I got my weiner grilled at SausageFest '08

Rock out with your brat out at SausageFest '09

For that reason, we decided to print up a few extras this year, and offer them for sale through my shop to those who weren’t able to attend the ‘Fest but still want to proudly display their love of all things sausage-y.

This year’s shirts are printed on lightweight super-soft vintage style ringer tees to complement the retro style of the illustration.  Here are sizing charts for both, along with a few photos of celebrants modeling them:

Girls – Bella 6050 sizing chart

Guys – Canvas 3055 sizing chart

This is a super-limited run with some sizes only having 1-2 shirts available, so if you want one don’t hesitate or they may be gone!

Available at http://shop.ianleino.com

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