22 Sep 2010

Tutorial / Process blogs

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I have a bad habit of coming up with ideas, maybe even doing some sketching, but never finishing them. That’s why I’ve decided to challenge myself to go through my idea list and sketchpad, pick things that felt promising, and actually work on one design at a time until it’s complete. It’s been going well so far, and I have two shirt designs finished and sold to online shirt sites. To celebrate their releases, I’m also writing up process blogs for each design to give anyone interested a little insight into how I put things together, since it tends to be different for almost every design.

So, while I’m waiting on those designs to print so I can publish their tutorials, but I’m still in the tutorial-writing mood, are there any of my existing designs you’d like me to feature here with a tutorial / process blog? Any of my designs for Threadless, Woot, TeeFury, DesignByHumans, other online shops or any of my client designs are wide open for tutorial-izing, so let me know what you’d like to see.

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