19 Mar 2011

Blaster giveaway – first 10 winners

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There have been lots of entries for the “No match for a good blaster” giveaway, and I’ve just sent congratulatory emails to the first 10 people who named all 26 guns correctly!  Two of the winning emails came in super close together, so there are actually 11 winners instead of 10. Since I don’t want to list their emails of full names, I’ll just post their alias or first name an last initial here:

Initial Winners:

grubsham, Phil L, Michael G, Randall L, Igor N, Levente V, Andrew B, Gabor S, Chad C, Moose1942, Angela B


But that doesn’t mean that the contest is over! I’ll be choosing one additional sticker winner every day for two weeks, and will also be giving out a free shirt on March 31st. Anyone who sends in an entry with at least 5 answers correct will be entered to win!  Any entries already submitted are already entered for these contests as well.

And of course you can find both the shirts and stickers for sale through my own shop!

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