01 Apr 2011

Final “Blaster” winners, and the answer sheet

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After 2 great weeks, the contest draws to a close today with the announcement of 5 sticker winners from Twitter, 5 sticker winners from Tumblr, and the grand prize free shirt winner!


5 Twitter Sticker Winners: @TRMirKat, @tommydraper, @kumako08, @Shane_For_Wax, @ZneEvns
5 Tumblr Sticker Winners: rivetheart, allnotlost, lastweek-monday, holyfireman, jhaus

Thanks to everyone who participated, and congrats to the winners! For those who didn’t win, the shirts and stickers are both available for sale in my own shop. And for anyone who enjoys contests and the possibility of winning cool stuff, be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. I have several designs coming out in the next month, and will most likely be having contests and giveaways for each of them so there are lots of opportunities to win!


Also, for everyone who was curious about the answers to the challenge of which guns are used in this design, I’ve created an answer key listing each weapon and which movie or TV show it came from.



Thanks again to everyone who sent in guesses or helped spread the word!

3 Responses to “Final “Blaster” winners, and the answer sheet”

  1. Michael Jacobi says:

    This is awesome. It is the tangram of all tangrams. And I knew watching all that sci fi would pay off one day! ;)

  2. kumako08 says:

    um… how do i get to contact you? =S anyway thanks for the competition =]

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