01 Sep 2011

He’s Dead, Jim

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My latest design, “He’s Dead, Jim”, is now available in my shop!


“Landing party, with me. Spock. McCoy. Uhura. And… you. Over there in the… red shirt.”

Ah, the poor red shirt. Ensign Whosit. Yeoman Whats-his-face. Don’t bother learning their names, as they won’t be around long enough for you to need to know them. This design is my tribute to unsung heroes everywhere who tirelessly do their work behind the scenes and sometimes give their lives while the flashy ego-maniacs is charge get all of the credit (and all the alien women).

Engineers, Communications Officers, Security, Administrators – this shirt is for you.

Front print has an updated insignia, showing the likely fate of the wearer, and warning label on the back lists each and every method by which those brave red-shirted souls were summarily dispatched during the Original Series.

2-sided screenprint on red/black 50/50 Augusta 710 ringer shirts for guys, and American Apparel 100% soft jersey cotton 4377 cap sleeve shirts for girls. Available only through my own shop!


Pre-order today and get a free 1.25″ pinback button with your order!







For those looking for something a little less subtle, I’ve also made a single-sided version, available through RedBubble shop.



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