25 Oct 2010

Blue Plate Special

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My latest design, “Blue Plate Special” mixes my love for hole-in-the-wall seafood restaurants (and their cheesy tourist shirts) with my deep appreciation for the wealth of aquatically-based characters in modern pop culture and is up for sale (today only!) at TeeFury for just $9!

The only thing that could be better than getting one of these shirts for $9 is getting one of my other design for FREE!  I’ll be giving away several shirts through different channels, and here are the details on how to enter to win each shirt:

Twitter: Follow me (@ianleino), and tweet this message:  Get the latest t-shirt by @ianleino featuring aquatic characters from Ackbar to Zoidberg, today only at http://www.teefury.com

Facebook: “Like” my FB artist page, and leave a comment on the “Blue Plate Special” post.

I’ll be picking at least one winner for each contest, and possibly more depending on the number of participants. Each winner will win their choice of any shirt currently for sale in my shop!

Also, in celebration of this shirt being up for sale, I’m also running a one-day-only coupon for my own shop: http://shop.ianleino.com, which carries a couple of my previous TeeFury prints as well as several other shirts and goodies. Through midnight tonight, use code: BluePlate for 15% your full order from my shop!

And finally, for those interested in how this design came together, I thought I’d give a brief walk-through of my process for this illustration.

After coming up with the initial concept, I brainstormed a list of characters to include, trying to pull from a broad selection of modern culture to find things that I personally responded to and that should also appeal to a wide audience, with just a couple of slightly less obvious characters for the true nerds.

In an amazingly rare stroke of luck, my initial thumbnail sketch worked out to be well-balanced so I used it as the basis for a more refined sketch.

After inking the sketch, I scanned it into Photoshop, cleaned up a few ink smears then started laying in my colors, starting with a white base and building from there.

After balancing out colors across the composition, I started adding detail and rebalanced some of the minor text.

After I was happy with the level of detail in each character and the overall balance of the composition, I went back and thickened lines to better define each character and added rich shadows in a couple of places to strengthen the composition.

After that, I added a little distressing to help replicate that vintage look, and that’s it!

So there it is – a quick walk-through of the process behind my “Blue Plate Special” design, that’s for sale today at TeeFury!

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