12 Apr 2011

Featured on G4′s “Attack of the Show!”

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In awesome and completely unexpected news, my shop and a wide selection of my shirt designs were featured recently on G4TV’s “Attack of the Show!”

They seemed to enjoy all of my designs, but especially loved the “Most Dangerous Animal in the World“, “Choose Your Weapon“, and “No Match for a Good Blaster” shirts.

For anyone looking for any of those (or other designs) they’re all available in my own shop, printed on American Apparel shirts, along with pint glasses, stickers & more.

Whoever tipped them off about my work, THANKS!

2 Responses to “Featured on G4′s “Attack of the Show!””

  1. Tony loch says:

    I saw it on there, and I’m on the site now. That sword shirt made of the various sharp edged objects? Absolutely amazing.

  2. zerobriant says:

    awesome news! :D must have the manly shirt! :D congrats ian!

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