Graphic Design and Illustration by Ian Leino Graphic Design and Illustration by Ian Leino
Who’s Who -process blog and giveaway!

When I showcased my Doctor Who themed “Who’s Who” design in the sideart of my previous TeeFury print, it generated tons of interest with lots of people asking for it to be printed. You asked for it, and you got it! It’s for sale today only at TeeFury for just $9 plus shipping!

As with my last design, to celebrate my print at TeeFury, I’ll be giving away shirts from my shop through both Facebook and Twitter! Here’s what you need to do to enter:

Facebook: leave a comment on the “Who’s Who” announcement post on my facebook fan page

Twitter: Follow me on Twitter, and tweet this message: ‘Who’s Who’: All 11 incarnations of Doctor Who on 1 shirt – a new @ianleino design for just $9 today only at!

I’ll be picking at least one winner for each contest, and possibly more depending on the number of participants. Each winner will win their choice of any shirt currently for sale in my shop!

And once again, in celebration of this shirt being up for sale, I’m giving out a coupon code for my own shop:, which carries a couple of my previous TeeFury prints as well as several other shirts and goodies. For just 24 hours, you can use the code WhosWho for 15% your full order from my shop!

I’ve heard from several people that they have really enjoyed the process blogs that I’ve posted showing how designs come together, so I wanted  to do that again for “Who’s Who” – starting from the original sketch through the final design.

The first stage for almost any of my work is to do some deep research into the project. For this design, I wanted to ensure that I got all of the details right for each Doctor including facial mannerisms and costumes, so I pulled lots of reference images.

Here’s my initial sketch, where I worked out exactly how to cram 11 people into the TARDIS, trying to ensure that they were all visible and interacting with each other. After I had the composition worked out, I added costume details for each Doctor based on my reference images.

As much as possible, I tried to use existing photos as references for the Doctors’ expressions, but for a few of them I just couldn’t find the look I needed. For those, I took reference pictures of myself and used those as a positioning guide to be able to draw their features into the expressions I needed. Once I was happy with their likenesses, I combined them with my earlier sketches in Photoshop, then printed out the new image and took it to my lightbox for inking.

Inking, inking and more inking using a new set of Sakura Pigma Sensei pens.

For the TARDIS, I created a wireframe image using Illustrator’s 3D tool (see this post for a more in-depth look) with the perspective that I needed and used it as a guide for the pen drawing.

Now that everything was drawn, I combined the two inked images in Photoshop and after much tinkering was able to get the palette down to 5 colors for printing. I separated the colors, prepped the file, sent it in to the printer, and it is now available in my shop!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this process blog, and it has given you a little insight into how I created this design.  Be sure to keep an eye out here, or on my Facebook page for more information about upcoming designs.

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