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Puny God. Zilla. T-shirt

Puny God. Zilla. T-shirt

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And now the main event! The ultimate showdown between viridian-skinned behemoths - fighting for the fate of the city and the right to be called the the Greenest of the Green!

In this corner, weighing in at over 90,000 tons: The King of Monsters, Kaiju Alpha, The Monster of Justice: Gojira!

And in the other corner, clocking in at 1200 pounds of pure rage: Ol' Greenskin, The Jade Giant, World Breaker, The Big Guy himself!

Who will emerge triumphant when these primal forces of nature clash, and how much of the city will be left to greet the victor? Worlds will shake and monsters will smash in this battle for the ages!
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