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Original Stained Glass Commission (Initial Deposit)

Original Stained Glass Commission (Initial Deposit)

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NOTE: this listing is for the INITIAL DEPOSIT for a custom stained glass project. Additional costs will be assessed and communicated before beginning the project.

If we are unable to accept your commission for any reason, we will issue a prompt refund.

Our favorite part of working in stained glass is in creating custom artwork that achieves our clients' unique visions. From hanging panels to full-sized installations, we're able to work to any size and style, and look forward to hearing about your ideas for an original commission. Although our primary focus is combining classical techniques with modern pop culture imagery, we do also take on more traditional projects.

Here's an overview or our typical process of working with a client (with visual reference in the "process" photo above):


1. Upon receiving your initial deposit, we will contact you within 2-3 business days to discuss the specifics of your design ideas, desired size for the final piece, and any other important factors to consider in design or fabrication. Photos of the space where the finished panel will reside, as well as any artistic references or other images are also very helpful at this point. Based on those discussions and references, we create an initial sketch of our proposed design.

2. Taking into account any modifications from the client, we create a finalized design showing a rough guideline of the glass colors we intend to use, and at that point will be able to give you an estimated cost for the completed piece.

3. If you decide to move forward with the project, we will roll the initial design fee into the cost of the final piece, and will also provide an estimated completion time. Once any final changes are addressed and the design is approved, we use color, texture and pattern to select the glasses we will be working with for the design.

In addition to working  with both Tiffany-styled copper foil and lead came construction, we also use a variety of techniques to add extra detail and dimension to our pieces. From traditional hand painting to etching and modern silkscreen techniques, these methods give us an array of options for embellishment to make every piece unique and special.

4. During the course of the project, we’ll send photos of the process so that you can watch things come together. We also break up the remainder of the payment into 2-3 installments that are due at certain milestones in the process.


Since every project is different, it's impossible to give pricing information upfront, but our typical commissions begin at $600, and can go up to $15,000 or more (such as the 4' x 12' Star Trek triptych above). The primary factors in pricing are the complexity of the design and the size of the finished piece.


Once the client has approved the design, it’s typically 6-8 weeks for us to produce the final panel. It’s also great to know upfront if you have a certain deadline or budget that you’d like to stay within, so we can keep that in mind during the initial design process to ensure that we don’t create a concept that would exceed time or budgetary allowances.


For most projects we use UPS to pack, ship and insure each panel, guaranteeing end-to-end safety. Once the project is complete we will furnish the actual UPS quote that can be paid along with the final installment. For large projects, we can make arrangements for personalized delivery, or for pickup at our studio.

* NOTE: Due to international shipping costs, we are currently only accepting commissions that ship to U.S. addresses.

If you are interested in working with us on an original creation, contact us today!

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